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Gallery 3

Archie the Corn Snake Barny our Boa Constrictor Olly  (left) and Archie (right) our Corn Snakes, being held by Claire and Sapphire

Snakes - we have three snakes, Archie and Olly our Corn Snakes and Barny the Boa Constrictor.  All the snakes can be handled by the children or adults, and all are perfectly harmless.

Dinky our Leopard Gecko Monty our Bearded Dragon Stumpy our Bearded Dragon Basil our Bearded Dragon

Lizards - our main lizards that come out on trips are Dinky, the Leopard Gecko, (he has grown considerably since the picture was taken)  and also  Monty, Stumpy and Basil, our Bearded Dragons.  Monty and Stumpy  were bought when they were 6 months old  which was in the spring of 2013.  Basil is called a “snowy” Bearded Dragon because he has pale skin.  He is fully grown, but unfortunately we do not know his age as he was from a rescue centre.  Our Bearded Dragons love to be fussed and if offered some lettuce strips, they will usually take them.

We do have other lizards, which occasionally come out but are not suitable for handling.

Horsefield Tortoises

Tortoises - we have a pair of Horsfield Tortoises. They are quite characters and live happily in our large shed overwinter where they dash around exploring, and then in a large polytunnel throughout the summer months.  They are named Dandelion and Burdock.

Snake Neck Turtle

Turtles - our snake neck turtle promotes a lot of interest and disbelief when first seen! The neck curls around at least half of the shell, so the turtle tends to be looking behind it all the time - that is until it wants feeding or to see what is going on.  These turtles originate from the swamps of Australia.

American Green Tree Frog African Bull Frog

Frogs - we have a number of different frogs, but our most popular is Baldrick, our giant African Bull Frog.  Young ladies - and in particular female teachers - cannot wait to give him a kiss.  As one young lady put on our facebook page - there is many a man wishes he was Baldrick, the number of kisses he gets!  But alas his magic has not worked as yet, and no handsome Princes have yet materialised!!  Our other frogs tend to go to the other extreme, and you are lucky to find them.  The American Green Tree Frogs and African Sedge Frogs are masters of disguise, and if you can find them amongst the green leaves then you are doing well!

This is just a selection of the invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians we bring in to either the school, party or other event.  We do have lost more livestock and will always bring whatever we are able to bring to your event to make it even more interesting.

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