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Jungle Nymph Stick Insects Thai Stick Insects Indian Stick Insects

Stick Insects - we have, and breed, lots of different species of stick insects, so will always have a variety of different species with us.  The smaller ones, which are less aggressive, are the ones we use for handling, and small children will usually handle one of the baby ones quite happily before progressing to a slightly larger one.   They come from a variety of different habitats, from Tropical Rainforest to more temperate areas.

Male Dead Leaf Mantid African Spikey Flower Mantid

Praying Mantids - again we have, and breed, lots of different species of Praying Mantids, and will mostly have at least one species with us.

Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

Madagascan Hissing Cockroach - We always have a box of these and the children love to hear them hiss as well as hold them. If they don’t like holding them, then we encourage them to stroke one, and even the most timid child will usually do this.  We call these cockroaches “Nature’s Recyclers” as they help turn all the rubbish that nature produces back into soil, as do the Millipedes and Giant Snails.

Giant African Millipede

Giant African Millipede - Children love our Giant African Millipedes, with all their legs moving like a Mexican wave.  Off course, my favourite is the Chocolate Millipede, being a great lover of Chocolate, but unfortunately our Chocolate Millipede is for looking at only, and not for eating. He would make you quite poorly if you eat him, but is perfect;y safe to touch.

Giant African Land Snail

Giant African Land Snail - Our Giant Snails never cease to amaze both young and old, when they see the size of them.  Occasionally we do have some eggs to show the children, they are like quail eggs, so not only are the snails huge, but also their eggs.

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Chile Rose Tarantula

Tarantulas - We have a number of different species of Tarantulas and will usually bring along one to look at, like our Giant Salmon Pink Bird Eating Tarantula which is about 17 years old, and a Chile Rose Tarantula similar to the one shown (left) which can be handled.

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