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Scorpions - from the tropical rainforests of India, our Asian Forest Scorpions are a hit with the children, but only to look at.  

Asian Forest Scorpion

Tail-less Whip Scorpion - famous because of Harry Potters “Goblet of Fire”, the tail-less whip scorpion featured at the start of the film with Mad Eyed Moody!  The Tail-less Whip Scorpion originates from Tanzania.

Tail-less Whip Scorpion Eri Silkmoth caterpillar Eri Silkmoth Giant Atlas Moth

Moths and Butterflies - we try to bring along any moths (we prefer these to butterflies as they tend not to fly so readily) and caterpillars we have available at the time of a visit.  We usually have Eri Silkmoth in culture most months, but we cannot guarantee that we will have any live ones at any one time.  For school visits we have our giant inflatable butterfly life cycle.

Beetles - from our Domino Beetles to our African Fruit Beetles, and are very popular when we have a Domino Beetle race.  

Horsehead Grasshopper

Grasshoppers and Crickets - we try to bring along a species of grasshopper or cricket, currently we have the unusual looking Horsehead Grasshoppers from Peru, so named because its head looks like a horses head!  They are very stick like and are easily mistaken for stick insects

Hermit Crab Rainbow Crabs

Crabs - the hermit crabs in particular cause quite a stir, especially when children see a shell suddenly sprout legs, get up and walk away.  

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