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Teacher Resources

Downloadable sheets that can be used in the classroom covering topics such as Minibeasts, Rocks and Fossils and Tree Identification.  We will be adding more resources to this page.  All files are pdf files.


Aquatic Minibeasts

Butterfly Wordsearch

Butterfly and Flower Word Search

Butterfly Bookmarkers

Butterfly Colouring Sheet

Butterfly Life Cycle

Freshwater Minibeasts

Frog Life Cycle

Ladybird Model

Minibeast ID Sheet

Woodland Minibeast Key

Wood Louse model

Minibeast ideas

Minibeast ID Sheet

Minibeast Key

Praying Mantid model

Puss Moth Life Cycle

Stick Insect Life Cycle

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Earth Science

Earth Plates

Earth and moon

Geological Time Scale Column

Geoligical Time Scale 12 hour clock

Rock Cycle

Volcano Diagram

Volcano Model


Rainforest Information Sheet

Tropical Rainforests of the World


Animal Classification

Bat Mask

Birdwatch Recording Sheet

Find out about a tree

Identifying Trees

Wetland Birds

The Oak Tree

Tree Identification Sheets

Solar System

Ugly Animal Resources Sheet

Ugly Animal, Build a Bat Box

Autumn Woods Treasure Hunt