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Meet The Team Paul Taylor with a young Nature Detective

Paul Taylor - growing up and living on a small holding was an ideal place to live for a young lad keen on the Natural World.  My first encounter with something exotic was when I was about 9 yrs old, when I had some Swallowtail caterpillars from an entomologist called L. Hugh Newman.  53 years later and that love of the Natural World still remains with me.  Having left school, I worked in Horticulture for a number of years, eventually taking a job, still in Horticulture, with a local authority.  In all that time, my love of the Natural World did not wane, and this passion did not go unnoticed as in the late 1990’s I was given a job within the Local Authority as a Countryside Officer - a dream job!  My work was to educate the public about the Natural World on our doorstep, encourage people to go out walking and also - to run the authorities play schemes - which naturally took on an environmental theme!!  With changes taking place within the authority (they do every few years) I felt it was time to move on, and ended up setting up my own business with my wife Lesley in February 2005. My greatest pleasure is to see the faces of both children (and adults) when they catch their first ever butterfly, or freshwater shrimp when out pond dipping and bug hunting.  To see the excitement on their faces when told they can run freely around a field, and most of all see the amazement at being able to hold some of the invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians that we take into the school and at public events.

Lesley Taylor  - has been Paul’s long suffering wife for more years than she can remember, but also has a passion for the outdoors and Natural History.  Until she met Paul, the only pets Lesley encountered would be a pet dog, but all that changed when they married and they suddenly had pets everywhere and lots of plants and vegetables.  She was always keen to help out on some of the activities that her husband would do of an evening such as Bat & Moth nights, and when Paul left the Local Authority, was very supportive in helping to run the business, and still is to this day.  

Lesley Taylor Claire Houghton (left) and Sapphire Malone (right)

Claire Houghton and Sapphire Malone - both girls used to frequent our bug shop at Hatton Country World, so when we closed the shop and concentrated our business on educational work, it was only natural that we asked the girls if they would consider helping, which they were only too glad to do.  You will frequently see both Claire and Sapphire during the holidays when we are doing Roadshows and this year (2014) they will be helping out at The National Herb Centre.  They also help out when doing events at weekends.