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E-mail: info@naturalworldexperience.com

Mini-beasts in the Classroom

Our mini-beast sessions in the classroom are a great hit with both young and old alike.  The children will receive an entertaining and informative presentation and will also have the opportunity to handle many of the participating animals.

We find that children enjoy these interactions and as a result retain more more information which often inspires children to do more research with books and the Internet.

Along with our classroom handling session we offer an optional Minibeast Safari to enable pupils the opportunity to hunt for creatures in the school grounds.

Our sessions can be tailored to suit whatever your requirements are. All equipment is provided.

Our workshops can include topics such as Rainforests, Animal Adaptations, Life Cycles and many more topics.  Our Roadshows bring Living Nature into the classroom.

Rocks and Fossils

Teacher Resources

Madagascan Moon Moth Giant Brown Millipede Praying Mantid Atlas Moth caterpillar Madagascan Hissing Cockroach Rainbow Crabs Tailless Whip Scorpion Asian Forest Scorpion Leopard Gecko Giant African Bullfrog Jungle Nymph Stick Insect Stick Insect

See some of the livestock we would bring along in our Gallery

Costs:  Please contact us for the costs (including transport costs) for a school visit.  

Our sessions can be mixed, eg. One of Mini-beasts in the classroom and one of Mini-beast Safari or Rocks and Fossils

We are flexible and will work with the school or group to get the most out of the day.

Our sessions can be tailored to the ages and capabilities of the students.  The optimum group size is 1 class or 25 people per session.

To book please Tel: 07811 403713  or  E-mail > >

We are CRB checked and risk assessments are carried out prior to activities taking place.  We have full Public Liability insurance and also hold a Performing Animals License.  

We are also members of The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.