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OPAL (Open Air Laboratories)


The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) network is an exciting new initiative that is open to anyone with an interest in nature. Its aim is to create and inspire a new generation of nature-lovers by getting people to explore, study, enjoy and protect their local environment.

OPAL is developing a wide range of local and national programmes to encourage people from all backgrounds to get back in touch with nature. The project will also generate valuable scientific data concerning the state of our environment.

By bringing scientists, amateur-experts, local interest groups and the public closer together, lasting relationships will be formed and environmental issues of local and global relevance explored.

The OPAL project began in 2007 and will run until the end of 2012. The five year programme will bring scientists and the public closer together, allowing environmental issues to be explored which have both local and global relevance.

The entire OPAL portfolio is headed by Imperial College, London. OPAL is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, having received an award of £11.7million.

To find out, and help with projects being organised through OPAL, bookmark this page and come back and see what we are doing on a regular basis.  Starting in March through until early summer we will be taking part in an Earthworm study.