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E-mail: info@naturalworldexperience.com

Earth Science

Rocks and Fossils are an essential part of the understanding on how our Earth works.

We will look at how fossils were formed and bring along a variety of different specimens for students to handle.

We will look at different rocks and discover how they are formed. Experiments will be conducted to see how and why various Earth activities take place.

The sessions can be adapted to all ages and ability levels.

We are also able to provide worksheets relevant to the subject that is presented if required, please notify us in advance if needed.

If the school is in an area with a good geological interest, then elements of this activity may take place outdoors.

Minibeast Roadshow

Minibeast Safari

Teacher Resources

Ammonite Fossilised Fish Fossilised Fern  Carboniferous Calamites sp, plant remains Carboniferous Abbey Wood Shell Bed  Eocene Tuning Fork Graptolites Ordovician Sea Urchin Jurrassic Sharks Tooth  Eocene

Costs:  Please contact us for the costs (including transport costs) for a school visit.  

Our sessions can be mixed, eg. One of Mini-beasts in the classroom and one of Mini-beast Safari or Rocks and Fossils

We are flexible and will work with the school or group to get the most out of the day.

Our sessions can be tailored to the ages and capabilities of the students.  The optimum group size is 1 class or 25 people per session.

To book please Tel: 07811 403713  or  E-mail > >

We are CRB checked and risk assessments are carried out prior to activities taking place.  We have full Public Liability insurance and also hold a Performing Animals License.  

We are also members of The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.